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Clickup - Project Management
Project Collaboration made easy with ClickUp App

Introduction to ClickUp App

In today’s world of remote team collaboration, team owners are looking at better ways to manage and organize tasks between team members.

With various options available, project managers are looking at a cost-effective way to conduct task optimization techniques while being physically remote from their team members.

Enter ClickUp App, a SaaS-based project management, and team collaboration software that has assisted thousands of remote teams to manage their daily tasks more effectively. 

Running on the slogan “ One App to rule them all”, Clickup has found intuitive ways in ensures that not only the productivity of all its users are improved by it has focussed on providing a platform that enhances user experience and democratically allowing team managers to manage tasks assigned to various stakeholders.

Around mid-2020, ClickUp managed to raise $35M via a SeriesA funding backed up Craft Ventures and Georgian Partners. With this funding, founder CEO of clickup Zeb Evans has clearly stated that he would want to spend the benjamins on:

  • Making the product fast,
  • Optimize and improve onboarding and learning in ClickUpMake our 
  • Improving the mobile app experience.

So when the founder itself is 100% product focussed, then should we say anymore?

In my humble opinion, ClickUp software is a force to reckon with and via this review article, we would like to introduce and educate our readers on why should choose ClickUp as your go-to project management and team task collaboration software.

What is ClickUp 2.0?

Clickup 2.0 is the latest release of the Clickup software. The team behind the “One App to rule them all” has introduced groundbreaking features in this new release.

Few notable features are:

  • Inbox: A mission control for past, present, and future activities
  • Reminders: Get notifications on mobile, web, and email
  • Doc: Share docs amongst project group assignees 
  • Embeds: Embed features of other apps into your workspace
  • Offline mode: Work on Clickup without an internet connection

Read the full public release here

How to use ClickUp? 

ClickUp is a SaaS software platform, meaning you do not have to download any software. Every functionality of the software is accessed using your preferred internet browser (Eg: Google Chrome).

ClickUp provides a free-for-life no-credit-card option for getting started with its software. As soon as you enter your email address during signup, Clickup guides you through the entire setup process. 

This includes customizing your avatar, choosing your color theme. 

Additionally, you can integrate Clickup with popular apps like toggle and harvest for time tracking, Google calendar, and many more.

The free plan includes up to 100G for data storage, unlimited tasks, and unlimited users. 

Following are how you would manage your day to day activities using ClickUp:

ClickUp Workspace

ClickUp Workspace

As the name suggests, ClickUp workspace is a container to manage all your activities. Imagine a workspace wherein you will manage multiple departments in your organization.

For example, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, and Personal.  Each of these becomes an independent Space.

With Space’s, you will have Folders which could anytime from clients, projects to anything that keeps your spaces organized. 

And within Folders, you can make Lists. Lists are where you will be grouping all your tasks.

You will be spending the majority of your time in ClickUp in tasks by chatting with teammates, assigning tasks, assigning start and due dates, or assigning sub-tasks.

Each task and sub-task can be assigned Priority value to notify task assignees on the commitment of their objectives.

Additionally, you can attach documents, images, and videos to each task and sub-task.

Within each task of sub-task, you can see all the changes that have been made to the task like changing priority value, adding new assignees, attaching new documents as well as an important feature that we don’t see many other vendors providing is a chat feature. 

The chat feature allows you to not only interact with the assignees but also tag a comment to a designated assignee.

In addition to assignees, you can assign a few users as watchers. Watchers allow those uses to only be updated about the task they have been assigned to watch.

ClickUp also provides you to view all your work in multiple Views.

Task Views allows you to get an overview of your lists, calendar, priorities, budget, etc. while Page Views allows you group up all your chat conversations, documents and embeds into independent views. Embed view allows you to embed anything from Google maps to spreadsheets.  

ClickUp also provides you the option to receive and send notifications. Notifications are sent and received via email, mobile, in-app, and browser. 

If you don’t know where to start from, ClickUp provides a Folder Template for you to choose from a variety of use cases.

ClickUp Inbox

ClickUp Inbox

The Inbox feature from ClickUp is the first thing you may want to check every day while accessing the ClickUp software platform. It gives you a list of all the tasks that you have been assigned. You will also see the tasks that you will have to do next, what you have recently done, the ones that you have delegated, and the ones that are unscheduled. 

ClickUp Integrations

The team at Clickup has heard its customers. With a plethora of integrations via the ClickUp API, companies using 3rd party apps can take advantage of the integration that Clickup has got to offer.

Few notable mentions include:

  • Slack: Create and manage ClickUp tasks
  • Everhour and Harvest for time tracking
  • Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox for document sharing
  • Google and Outlook calendar sync
  • Google, Microsoft, and Okta single sign-on (SSO)
  • Create Zoom meeting from ClickUp Tasks

ClickUp Chrome Extension

ClickUp-Chrome Extension
ClickUp Chrome Extension

Optimize your project management efforts by using 6 useful ClickUp features via the Clickup Chrome Extension available at no additional cost.

They are:

  • Create a Task
  • Track Time
  • Take Screenshots
  • Attach Emails
  • Web Clipper
  • Save Notes

Clickup Competitors

Clickup vs Monday

While many users notice that Monday seems to be easier to use than Clickup, popular opinion is that Clickup has features that Monday doesn’t.

With ClickUp you can manage tasks and time, have views like Gantt charts, and it integrates natively with Alexa and Google home.

Clickup vs Trello

While Trelli is good for freelancers and small teams of 3-4, it lacks modern project management and collaboration features. 

Clickup Pricing

Fortunately, Clickup has a free for life no credit card required plan that allows you to have unlimited tasks and users with up to 100M storage.

For first time users who need a premium project management software, we suggest the second tier licensing option branded as “Unlimited” that starts at $5/user/month if you opt-in for the annual subscription plan or the “Business” plan that starts at $9/user/month if you opt-in for the annual subscription plan.

For Enterprises that are paranoid on security features, choose the Enterprise plan.

Final Verdict

In an overpopulated world of project management and team collaboration software, it is quite a challenge to choose the right fit. 

Clickup has surpassed our expectations of what a collaboration and project management software has to offer. Backed by a founder who truly takes a product-first approach and the plethora of feature that it has added in Clickup 2.0, ClickUp is our top pick for prospects who are looking at a “One app to replace them all”.

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